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At The Trusted Trolley our aim is to give you the Gift of Time, but these Terms and Conditions are important so please read them so you can enjoy your ride with us.

Companies, individuals, members or non-members agree with user agreement policies and procedures when they click on the search button above. The user agreement protects the site from corporate pirates downloading the food database information for use in other web sites. Also the agreement spells out practical safety warnings to users and gives permission for email communications.

Aisle 1. Use Of Website

  1. The Trusted Trolley is the owner and operator of this website. Unless otherwise specified, the content on this website is presented for the purposes of promoting and marketing The Trusted Trolley products and services.
  2. By using The Trusted Trolley website you agree to be bound by The Trusted Trolley Terms and Conditions.

Aisle 2. Use Of Copyright Content

  1. No content from The Trusted Trolley website or any website owned, operated, licensed or controlled by The Trusted Trolley may be used, copied, reproduced, republished, uploaded, posted, transmitted, or distributed in any way without written consent from the Trusted Trolley.
  2. The service marks, trade names and trademarks are proprietary to The Trusted Trolley.
  3. The Trusted Trolley reserves all of its rights as the copyright owner.

Aisle 3. Promotion Of Products And Services

  1. Prices listed on this website and terms and conditions of any kind relating to products and services displayed on this website may not be current or complete and therefore under no circumstances constitute an offer or undertaking by The Trusted Trolley. The Trusted Trolley reserves the right to vary or modify the information on the website without notice.
  2. The Trusted Trolley makes no representation that the products listed in this website are currently available at any time at the prices listed on this website and it is your responsibility to verify product availability and pricing with The Trusted Trolley by emailing our Technical Support Team via our contact page.

Aisle 4. Disclaimer

  1. The content and information on this website is provided ‘as is’ and without warranties of any kind, either express or implied.
  2. The content and information on this website is altered periodically and changes in circumstances after information is placed on this website may affect the accuracy of the information. It is your responsibility to assess and verify the accuracy, completeness and reliability of the information contained on this website.
  3. The Trusted Trolley makes no warranties or representations express or implied regarding the quality, accuracy, completeness, timeliness, merchantability or fitness for purpose of any content or information on this website or product referred to on this website.
  4. The Trusted Trolley makes no warranties that this website is free of human or mechanical error, technical inaccuracies or typographical errors.
  5. The Trusted Trolley makes no warranties or representation that the content on this website will not cause damage or that the content is free from any computer virus or any other defects or errors or omissions and refers to the Limitation of Liability section below.
  6. The information given on this website should not replace any advice given to you by a doctor or dietician. Please seek medical advice before making any changes to your diet.

Aisle 5. Refund and Cancellation Policy


Please see our Delivery Information for our policies on orders. Please see our Refund and Cancellation Policy.

Aisle 6 Limitation Of Liability

  1. You waive and release The Trusted Trolley, its servants and agents to the fullest extent permitted by law from any and all claims arising out of or related to the use of the content or information made available through The Trusted Trolley website or its related websites.
  2. The Trusted Trolley, its servants or agents shall not, under any circumstances be liable for any injury, loss or damage arising out of or related to the use, or the inability to use, the content on this website. This limitation of liability includes but is not limited to incidental, special or consequential damages, damages for loss of business or other profits.

Aisle 7. Legal Jurisdiction

This website is operated by The Trusted Trolley from its offices in Australind, Western Australia and by use of this website you agree to submit to the jurisdiction of the courts of Western Australia.

Last Updated 1 November 2017