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Get both our books From Toxic Trolley to Trusted Trolley and All You Need to Know About Food Labels

From Toxic Trolley to Trusted Trolley

Food Additives – They are affecting your family. Find out how. From Toxic Trolley to Trusted Trolley takes you on an additive aware journey from the supermarket to your home.

This book contains the amazing stories of four mums who set out to improve the health of their families by removing harmful additives and preservatives from the food they eat.

Journey with them through the ups and downs of avoiding additives ad learning how to make educated food choices.

Find out about food marketing tricks and why some nasty additives are still allowed to be used in your food.

This book will radically change the way you look at what’s in the food you feed your family and how to shop wisely for the right products.

All You Need to Know About Food Labels

Reading Product Labels made easy with The Trusted Trolley.

Want to know how to read food labels and what tricks to look out for? It should be easy but there are a few things to consider.

Let us help you navigate this task with ease.

You’ll come away with a wealth of knowledge and feel confident to choose healthier packaged food at the supermarket.

What this book covers:

  • What has to be on a food label
  • Decoding the Nutrition Information Panel
  • Learn what to look for when reading product labels
  • Learn the effects of two of the worst additives and why you should avoid them
  • Our easy tips to remember what to look for on a food label

The bundle also comes with a free Additive Rating Card that is perfect for your wallet.

Until next time – happy additive aware shopping


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