It’s been a long time since we’ve been in touch. The truth is that we have been busy. We’ve been so busy being mums, wives, girlfriends, babysitters, daughters, cleaners, taxi-drivers, and more. And in the busyness we didn’t make time to stay in touch, to encourage you on your additive free journey. And for that we are sorry. So in an attempt to make it up to you we have a free gift for every order placed. So if you want to order any smashRead More →

Here is a product comparison we did a few years back, to show you what “flavour” is really comprised of in your packaged foods. Unfortunately not much has changed in regards to these products, and you’ll still find the additives in these products. Our friends Sue and Howard Dengate at The Food Intolerance Network do a great job of explaining why it’s such a big deal, and why you should consider what flavouring you are including in your food purchases. We hope you’ll take aRead More →

In Australia, 160b is commonly used in butter, margarine, cereals, snack foods, dairy foods including yoghurts, ice-creams and cheeses, snack foods, soft drinks, pastry (sausage rolls, pies), smoked fish and battered seafood. It can also be used in conjunction with E100 in cheese, flavoured instant mashed potato, meat balls, mayonnaise, sponge cakes, pudding custards and yoghurt. Annatto is the cheese industries preferred natural colour. It can provide from light yellow for Cheddar, to an orange for a Double Gloucester, to a red for a Red Leicester.Read More →