For some of you, you only know us as the company that sent you replacement Smash products. For others, you’ve been with us since the beginning. You’ve seen the transformation from “Every Parents Dream – Eating Safely (circa 2011)” to “The Trusted Trolley”. You’ve seen us at expos, on the news, and followed along as we’ve advocated for people to be aware of the additives in the foods they eat. In November 2016 we put together a snapshot of what we achieved in the four years to thatRead More →

It is often good to look back and reflect on the things you have achieved. Day to day the things you do can seem “not-that-big-of-a-deal” or insignificant. And yet when you add up your efforts over time you are amazed at what you have accomplished. Just like making a switch to avoiding harmful additives, it can seem that it’s a small thing each day that’s not really making a difference. But over time when you realise that you no longer get your summer rashes, or yourRead More →