My wonderful sister in law took my Miss 7 to see Disney on Ice in May. During the break, the stewards came around to ask if people would like food – a range of popcorn, frozen ice, fairy floss etc. Miss 7 asked her Aunt what each item was made from – and how it was made. Whilst the way fairy floss was made intrigued her (“but HOW Aunty A?”), when it was explained that the frozen ice and fairy floss was just sugar and waterRead More →

How does one really say farewell, when it’s not goodbye forever, just for a long time? Well an indefinite time. A time that will seem like forever, and once reunited, feel like we were never apart. The time you have been “back” in Australia has been so wonderful. I have planned my life around nearly every other weekend seeing you and your gorgeous kids and soaking in the cuddles and love and sunshine you bring. Knowing that all too soon it would come to andRead More →

I was reminded today of the wonderful book by Dr. Seuss. Today was the last day of the school holidays in Western Australia, and although we didn’t travel far, we’ve had the ups and downs similar to this story. And I’m reminded that life is a journey worth taking.Read More →