Better Food Labelling Still A Dream

For some of you, you only know us as the company that sent you replacement Smash products. For others, you’ve been with us since the beginning. You’ve seen the transformation from “Every Parents Dream – Eating Safely (circa 2011)” to “The Trusted Trolley”. You’ve seen us at expos, on the news, and followed along as we’ve advocated for people to be aware of the additives in the foods they eat.

In November 2016 we put together a snapshot of what we achieved in the four years to that date. Our Mission was to create, present, and distribute up-to-date additive aware resources that enabled individuals to make smarter, healthier food choices for their families. And we felt incredibly proud of our advocacy efforts.

In early 2017 we went from four business partners to two and our focus became being a re-seller of Smash parts while we figured out what to do next. So what’s happened since then…and where to next?

The truth is that we have been incredibly busy. We’ve been so busy being mums, wives, girlfriends, babysitters, daughters, cleaners, taxi drivers, funeral planners, homework helpers and much more. And in the busyness we didn’t make time to stay in touch and encourage you on your additive free journey. In the busyness we also lost our passion for advocating for safer foods, and less additives.

A factsheet from The Food Intolerance Network sheds light on just how difficult it is as a consumer to buy food free from harmful additives. It talks about the Clean label, which is the global food industry response to survey results showing that about 75% of shoppers are interested in natural foods and will avoid buying highly processed products.  It seems that the name says it all – clean label, not clean food

The mission is a big one, and we have been encouraged by others out there who continue to advocate for consumers to make better food choices. People like Frankie at Additive Free Kids, Sue Dengate at The Food Intolerance Network, and Jenny Ravlic at Additive Education.

And there are some more recent awesome people and organisations joining in the mission to make it easier for families to eat and shop additive aware: Shauna from Simply Additive Free, Tracey and Joanne at Additive Free Lifestyle(formerly Sistermixin), and Rosealie Gordon at She’s Simply Natural. There are also those we’ve found who provide better options for kids with allergies like Happy Tummies, Cut out the Crap, and What Can I Eat.

After a lot of internal debate and soul searching, we have made the decision to shut down The Trusted Trolley, freeing the amazing team behind it to the joys of homemaking and child rearing. The decision was not an easy one. We invested a lot of time, money and emotional capital in this challenging endeavour. We had so much fun looking into additives, and working to help make the Australian community aware of additives in foods. However, we didn’t quite get our plan right to build it up as a business, nor could we get the knack of regularly staying on top of all the regulations and changes in the food industry and communicating these to you.  Also our families were missing out on precious time that we could never get back. Over the years, our interest has wavered, our team spread out, and our love for advocacy somewhat diminished. However, we leave this part of the journey with smiles on our faces, and the hope that you will continue to seek better food options for you and your families and loved ones.

We’d like to thank everyone who supported The Trusted Trolley. You all played a role in this journey, and we are incredibly grateful for the opportunities we’ve had. Now we get to go enjoy our families that much more!

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And as always, until next time – happy additive aware shopping.

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