Lung Awareness Month

November is Lung Awareness Month and is used to promote lung health and focus on the impact of lung disease in the Australian community. Did you know that additives can affect asthmatics?

Here are some of the additives to watch out for.


  • 102 (Tartrazine), 104 (Quinoline Yellow), 123 (Amaranth), 124 (Ponceau 4R), 132 (Indigotine), 142 (Green S), 151 (Brilliant Black), 155 (Brown HT),  160b (Annatto), 163 (Anthocyanins)


  • 200 (Sorbic Acid), 201 (Sodium Sorbate), 202 (Potassium Sorbate), 203 (Calcium Sorbate), 210 (Benzoic Acid), 211 (Sodium Benzoate), 212 (Potassium Benzoate), 213 (Calcium Benzoate), 216 (Propylparaben), 220 (Sulphur Dioxide), 221 (Sodium Sulphite)

As you can see, there are a lot of food chemicals (additives) that can trigger asthma, and we have listed about half of them here. Can you imagine trying to avoid all those additives all the time?! It might seem not worth it, too hard basket for some. But if you live with Asthma, it is worth looking at the difference it can make to remove certain additives from your diet.

Later this month I’ll share my story about my own asthma journey.

If you would like to learn more about asthma and what you can do to help someone you know who suffers from it, head over to the Asthma Foundation for more information or the Lung Foundation website!





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