An outing with Aunty A

My wonderful sister in law took my Miss 7 to see Disney on Ice in May. During the break, the stewards came around to ask if people would like food – a range of popcorn, frozen ice, fairy floss etc. Miss 7 asked her Aunt what each item was made from – and how it was made. Whilst the way fairy floss was made intrigued her (“but HOW Aunty A?”), when it was explained that the frozen ice and fairy floss was just sugar and water and not at all good for you, she screwed up her nose and said something along the lines of “Mum would not want me to eat that would she – does the frozen ice have a label that you can read to me?”

Out of three options they obviously went with the popcorn and together during the break – and in the dark – they read the label together – and had a bit of a chat about every item on the label. Miss 7 seemed quiet satisfied with herself in the choice that “she” made because at least the “popcorn has corn in it and that’s a vegetable”. You have to love her logic!

On hearing this story retold to me, I was surprised, happy, thankful and immensely proud. These are the days when I am reminded that the journey is worth it. I hope this gives you encouragement to keep going on your additive aware journey. Keep cutting out the nasty and harmful additives and preservatives, and see the difference it makes in your family.

If you have a similar story, or a memorable time on your journey you’d like to share, I’d love to hear it.

(Disclaimer by Aunty: “I had no intention – or have any intention to ever buy fairy floss or frozen ice – only because I know I would have to ‘finish’ it…. chocolate I can handle, fairy floss not so much!”)

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