Ode to my sister

How does one really say farewell, when it’s not goodbye forever, just for a long time? Well an indefinite time. A time that will seem like forever, and once reunited, feel like we were never apart. The time you have been “back” in Australia has been so wonderful. I have planned my life around nearly every other weekend seeing you and your gorgeous kids and soaking in the cuddles and love and sunshine you bring. Knowing that all too soon it would come to and end and you would fly away to another life, your new life.

Much excitement awaits you as you set up a new home in a new country, and as you adjust to now being a family a five, and home-schooling a delightful 4 year old. As you readjust to having your soul-mate back by your side to do life with and to help parent your children.

I am excited that there is excitement and happiness in your life. But there is of course sadness too. Sadness that the special times we spent won’t happen for a long time. Sadness that tonight will be the last cuddles, for a long time. Sadness that the closest I’ll get to you is a Skype call, although also so grateful for decent internet to be able to see your lovely smile.

I struggle to put into words how much you mean to me. I am constantly amazed at your strength of character. On your reliance on God during the good and the tough times. I am so pleased that you take the time to care for you, so that you have the strength and patience to care best for your little ones.

And I do have to laugh when I remember our childhood years and how much we didn’t get along. I am glad times have changed. It is amazing how motherhood has brought us back together, closer than I ever would have imagined.

So I raise my glass to you, my dearest sister. I am so grateful you are in my life, and that Skype makes the miles seem not so far. You will often be in my thoughts and my prayers. And I look forward to hearing all about your adventures.

Much love, your big sis.

Our babies born in 2010
Our babies born in 2010


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