For some of you, you only know us as the company that sent you replacement Smash products. For others, you’ve been with us since the beginning. You’ve seen the transformation from “Every Parents Dream – Eating Safely (circa 2011)” to “The Trusted Trolley”. You’ve seen us at expos, on the news, and followed along as we’ve advocated for people to be aware of the additives in the foods they eat. In November 2016 we put together a snapshot of what we achieved in the four years to thatRead More →

It’s been a long time since we’ve been in touch. The truth is that we have been busy. We’ve been so busy being mums, wives, girlfriends, babysitters, daughters, cleaners, taxi-drivers, and more. And in the busyness we didn’t make time to stay in touch, to encourage you on your additive free journey. And for that we are sorry. So in an attempt to make it up to you we have a free gift for every order placed. So if you want to order any smashRead More →

Here is a product comparison we did a few years back, to show you what “flavour” is really comprised of in your packaged foods. Unfortunately not much has changed in regards to these products, and you’ll still find the additives in these products. Our friends Sue and Howard Dengate at The Food Intolerance Network do a great job of explaining why it’s such a big deal, and why you should consider what flavouring you are including in your food purchases. We hope you’ll take aRead More →

This week someone tried to take the wheels off our trolley, tried to stop us in our tracks. But we never gave in, we wouldn’t let them win. We’ve worked too hard to let someone take it all away. It has been a pretty tough week here as we have tried to resolve our website issues, with a very unhelpful overseas website hosting company. Imagine our frustration when we found out our web host deleted our website completely, and all backups! Needless to say thisRead More →