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Additive Aware Shopping

The Trusted Trolley is an informative website on healthier food choices. We are four mums who share the belief that health is vital to a happy life and we are particularly passionate about the health of our children. After realising that certain food additives have adverse health effects, we decided to take action through means of research, promoting awareness and advocating for safer foods. Foods without harmful additives and preservatives. Our aim is to share our knowledge with other parents and like-minded people to enable them to make informed decisions about the food they buy and consume. Join us on the journey towards better health for our family and yours, and realise you can shop the additive-aware way!

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Your Trusted Team
Why Avoid Additives?
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Over 300 food additives are permitted in Australia. At least 30 are known or suspected carcinogens¹. Additives are tested individually, but in real life they aren't found in isolation. Find out why it's worth examining the additives that are added to the foods we eat. Then decide whether you want to continue to eat additives that may harm your body.

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Want the easy way to avoid additives?
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Access our directory of over 1,700 ‘Safe Products’, and avoid having to read food labels whilst shopping. Check out membership! Ingredients, Nutrition Advice, and Allergens listed for products, the ability to add products to a shopping list, and new products added every month! Easier additive aware shopping here I come.

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Additive Search
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Want to know what an additive number is? Or whether sodium metabisulphite is any good for you (it's not by the way) then check out our additive search or put your details in below to subscribe to our monthly newsletters so we can send you more information.